2023-24 Costs & Payment Schedule

Payment of Annual Club Dues

  • Payment for the Deposit and Annual Club Dues must be made online by CC or by ACH through our club TeamSnap account. Deposits are non-refundable.

  • Payment options for Annual Club Dues are as follows: Paid in full, or installment plan. If choosing an installment plan, the remaining balance of equal payments will be charged on Sept 1st and Nov 1st.

  • To remain in good standing with TSA/ASA, payment of the registration fee, club dues, and team fees must be received on or before their due date. A player is considered past due when either one of these payments is not received on the due date. For accounts that are one (1) month past due, there will be a $10.00 late fee. For accounts that are over 1 month past due, the player card will be pulled and a $20.00 reinstatement fee will be charged to return the player card plus the owed payment.

  • TSA/ASA reserves the right to hold the player card of any player whose team or club account is past due and suspend the player from any and all team and club activities including all training, skills, games, and tournaments until the past due balance is paid.

  • Players with outstanding balances from the prior season will NOT be issued a player card for the current season until this balance has been paid in full.

  • Any player that requests a release and has a past-due balance for either club or team fees will not be granted a release from TSA/ASA until all outstanding fees have been paid. All club fees are non-refundable.

Explanation of Annual Club Dues

The total club fees set forth above include but are not limited to the following: administrative costs, assessments, coaches’ salaries, specialized training programs, equipment maintenance, facilities maintenance/upkeep, coaching education, and other supplemental programs.

In addition to the club fees owed, each player will have Team expenses that are specific to the team to which they are selected. These team fees may include but are not limited to, the following: league game fees, referee fees, tournament fees, registration fees, field usage fees, and coach's travel expenses.

Explanation of Seasonal Team Fees

Annual club fees do not include costs associated with individual team activities such as referee fees for league and tournament play, tournament entry fees, travel expenses associated with individual team activities each season, city field usage fees, light rental fees, state registration fees, and team administrative fees. This additional cost varies widely from team to team based on the team’s age group, the number of players on each team, how many tournaments are played by each team, and the cost and location of each tournament. Average team fees can range from $250-$500 per season depending on these factors.

Explanation of League Fees

MSSF League Fees or Midsouth Partnership League - In addition to the fees listed above, team managers will collect fees (on average MSSF $115 or Midsouth Partnership League $85) from each player per season to cover the cost of administration, scheduling, and field rental for those teams that opt to play in those leagues (not all teams play in these leagues). These fees go straight to the leagues and not the Academy.

Explanation of Uniform Fees

All Junior Academy players are outfitted in (2) training jersey-style shirts, (1) Adidas shorts, and (1) Adidas socks. (approx $65.00) All 8U and older Academy players are outfitted with a full Adidas® uniform kit that includes lettering and numbering for uniforms, 2 Adidas® game jerseys (home/away); two pairs of Adidas® shorts (home & away); two pairs of Adidas® socks (home & away); and 2 training jerseys (approx $275.00). Other training jerseys, backpacks, warm-ups, gk jerseys, balls, shin guards, and spirit wear are available optionally online. All players are able to order additional items or replace items online through our club membership with Soccer.com. All items are ordered online and shipped direct to the customer.

Refund Policy

Players who commit and register for any TSA/ASA program, are then placed into the program based on this initial commitment. They assume a “spot” in the program that may not allow another player to participate. TSA/ASA then prepares an operational budget and begins organizational planning based on this commitment. This refund policy is in place to protect the players, the team, the coach, and the overall program. A policy through Regsaver (a 3rd party company not associated with TSA/ASA) is offered during the online registration process. Covered items include Illness, Injury (on or off the field), Uninhabitable Residence, Active Military Service (parents/guardian), Job Layoff (parents/guardian), Traffic Accident, Airline/Train/Bus Delay or cancellation. TSA/ASA does not receive any of the proceeds from these sales nor do we process claims. All claims are filed directly between the policyholder and insurer, as TSA/ASA does not oversee any of the insurance claim and approval process.

  • Club Deposits - Deposits are non-refundable
  • Annual Club Payments – Club payments are non-refundable.
  • MSSF Registration Fees – Not refundable through TSA/ASA. Once the league season has started, any refunds would have to be processed through MSSF.
  • Midsouth Partnership League Registration Fees – Not refundable through TSA/ASA. Once the league season has started, any refunds would have to be processed through Midsouth Partnership League.
  • Credit card processing fees are non-refundable.
  • Team Fees – Future team fees may be waived at the time of departure if all outstanding fees including club fees have been paid.
  • Uniform Fees – Not refundable through TSA/ASA. Once a uniform has been ordered, any refund request would go through Soccer.com.

Financial Aid

Financial assistance is available for those members who complete the Financial Aid Application and submit the required documentation supporting the need for financial assistance. Financial aid only covers the costs associated with Annual Club Fees and does not cover any costs associated with team fees or uniforms. All financial aid recipients must remain in good financial standing with the club, including team fees, follow the code of conduct, and attendance to training and games.

Long-Term Injury/Illness

Any TSA/ASA player who sustains a long-term injury and is unable to participate with their team for a period of more than 45 days, will be eligible to waive the fees associated with the amount of time unplayable. To apply for the waiver, participants must provide a signed medical report from a physician treating the injured or sick player.


Our Purpose

“Inspiring players and their love for the game”

Our Mission

To inspire through innovative and progressive programs driven by an unparalleled leadership team dedicated to the promotion of the players and community.

Our Core Values

Integrity, Inclusion, Empathy, Community

Benefits of Playing with Tennessee Soccer Academy

A positive, fun, and competitive environment where all players have the opportunity to develop an even greater love for the game. 

An innovative and progressive curriculum designed for player development that is overseen by an experienced, professionally licensed team of leaders.

Access to specialized skills programming, seasonal clinics, summer and winter camps, and tournaments led by professionally licensed staff.

Beautiful facilities professionally maintained offering safe and high-quality environments for all of our players to enjoy the game.