All forms below are required to participate in our recreational league. These forms are available to download/complete/upload during the online registration process. If you completed the online registration, but still need to upload the required forms, please use the links below. Once you have been assigned to your team, and you see your TeamSnap roster, you may upload the completed forms to your profile.

Medical Release Form
Concussion Acknowledgement Form
Cardiac Arrest Acknowledgement Form


1. Parents are expected to conduct themselves at all times in a manner that is in keeping with representing TSA Lakeland and not bring discredit upon the organization. Parents shall maintain the highest standard of conduct and good sportsmanship while representing TSA Lakeland.

2. Parents are expected to be positive about the program and all players, parents, and coaches involved. Any negativity on the sideline, in the car, towards the team, coach, or other players will certainly affect your child’s ability to develop in our program. Any concerns about your child should be addressed to the program director.

3. Parents shall refrain from using profanity during games or practices toward any coach, child, adult, or referee. This type of behavior is subject to disciplinary review and may lead to suspension or expulsion from the program.

4. Parents will show respect toward referees, opposing players, coaches, and fans. They will not yell, scream, harass, abuse, or berate a referee, player, coach, or any other individual for any reason. This is unnecessary and simply embarrassing for all players and families trying to enjoy the game. This type of behavior is subject to disciplinary review and may lead to suspension or expulsion from the program. We ask that all parents set a good example for their children.

5. Parents engaging in physical violence/conduct or threatening actions towards any player, parent, referee, or coach, will be immediately suspended, along with their child, from all organizational activities. A disciplinary report will be submitted for review and hearing to decide the next steps.

6. Limit instructing your child from the sidelines. Your instruction may differ from the coach which can cause confusion and unneeded stress on your child. Your coach is following the Academy’s guidelines to help your child develop properly within our program while having fun.

7. Try to motivate your child with positive words and actions, not material items. We feel offering money or prizes for scoring goals, working hard, etc., does not help develop the self-motivational skills needed to become a successful player on and off the field in the future. We also recognize, a special treat here and there for a great day of soccer is always nice!

8. Support your child unconditionally. Do not withdraw love when your child performs poorly. Trust us, they are trying to do their best.

9. The bench area is for players and coaches only. Please respect this area. Parents should not stand by or behind the bench during games unless the coach has requested help.

10. We ask that you do not confront your coach concerning an issue until 24 hours have passed after the game or practice. You may then feel free to contact the coach and discuss the issue. Our experience shows that issues are much easier to resolve after this 24 hour window. Any issue that needs immediate attention, may be addressed with the program director.

11. Encourage your child to talk to the coach. “Taking responsibility” as a player – whether about missing a game or training session, things to improve on, etc., - is a huge part of developing skills on and off the field.

12. Pass the reality test. If your child’s team loses but played their best and is learning the game of soccer, help them see this as a win. Focus on the process, not the final score.

13. The game should not be larger than your life. If your child’s performance produces strong emotions in you, just remember you are here for them. Keep your own goals and needs separate from your child’s. Your relationship with your child and the people around you is more important and will last longer than the game your child just played.

Our Purpose

“Inspiring players and their love for the game”

Our Mission

To inspire through innovative and progressive programs driven by an unparalleled leadership team dedicated to the promotion of the players and community.

Our Core Values

Integrity, Inclusion, Empathy, Community

Benefits of Playing with Tennessee Soccer Academy

A positive, fun, and competitive environment where all players have the opportunity to develop an even greater love for the game. 

An innovative and progressive curriculum designed for player development that is overseen by an experienced, professionally licensed team of leaders.

Access to specialized skills programming, seasonal clinics, summer and winter camps, and tournaments led by professionally licensed staff.

Beautiful facilities professionally maintained offering safe and high-quality environments for all of our players to enjoy the game.

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TSA Partners with Stretchlab & Cyclebar


We are thrilled to announce our newest partnerships with Stretch Lab and Cycle Bar! Our members will now have special access to services that will help them improve their performance, recover faster, and boost their overall fitness levels. Stretch Lab will offer our members personalized stretching, foam rolling, and massage services that are tailored to the individual’s needs. With Cycle Bar, our members will have the opportunity to participate in high-intensity cycling classes that will help build endurance, strength, and flexibility. Our Academy athletes and family members will have exclusive access to discounted rates for both of these services. We are excited about these new partnerships and look forward to helping everyone achieve even greater success through these remarkable programs.

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